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Housing Project - Climate Change, why is it so hot

Housing Project - Climate Change, why is it so hot

To make a rondaval, traditional house, made from wooden poles cut from trees and assembled with mud a person will cut down around 30 trees. This house will only be good for around three years and they will have to be replaced due to rot etc.

This is causing a major problem throughout the world by impacting on the environment, wild life and global warming by cutting down all the trees with no other choice to have a roof over their heads.

If this same person was to build his house out of blocks this would eradicate the destruction on the environment by this person not needing to cut down the trees.

Disadvantages of having a wooden house:

•     Cutting down trees has a huge impact on the environment
•     Having to rebuild within 3 to 4 years due to weather erosion, wood rot etc
•     Fire hazard

Advantages of building a house with blocks:

•     A blockhouse is durable for a life span of approximately 40 years
•     Secure, weather resistant and safe
•     Assisting with ongoing climate change
•     Saving the environment
•     Removing the river sand from silted rivers
•     Saving the wildlife, in particular the bird life

Housing Project - FactsBack to Top ^

Housing Project - Facts

To make a basic house out of block moulds you would need:

•     A block mould
•     6 bags of cement
•     Water FREE from the rivers
•     River sand FREE from the rivers

With one block mould and two people you can make 210 blocks per day using 6 pockets cement.

210 blocks can build the same house that uses 30 trees. If two people can save 30 trees in one day then in 22 working days they can save 660 trees.

The same two people can make 4620 blocks working 22 days a month and the amount of sand taken from our silted rivers would be 36 960 kg's, enabling the rivers to flow properly helping the aquatic life.

In one year 264 houses could be built from the blocks saving 7920 trees and clearing 44 tons of sand from the rivers.

With these statistics we now know why we have global warming and ozone problems. Solution, invest / donate 1 block machine, R250 to our world green protection scheme.

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Housing Project - Solutions

Assign a designated area in South Africa where you would like the project to be started or
we can suggest a poverty stricken area.

Minimum order of 20 moulds in KZN and 100 throughout South Africa. Quotes available on
request for the rest of the world.

Free delivery around KZN, 7.5% added for the Gauteng and 10% for the Cape.

With a 50% deposit we will supply you with a pro-forma invoice and job number for the goods purchased and disperse the moulds in your designated area.

We will supply each individual a block mould manufactured by ourselves, enabling an individual to start building their own house or to produce blocks to start their
own business.

Each person will produce his or her ID number, and a copy will be taken of each individual to avoid any duplication and everyone will be given an equal opportunity.

Training will be given to show how to use a block machine, which is very simple to use.

A photo will be taken of the area before progressing and emailed to the customer as well as being posted on our website. The chosen area will also be marked off on our website map.

As proof of delivery, we will supply you with photos and GPS readings of your selected area once the block moulds have been distributed with ID numbers.

After six months has lapsed another photo will be taken and emailed to yourself as well as
appearing on the website with updates and progress of your designated area.

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