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We offer quality block moulds, hose reels, taplocks etc.
direct to hardware outlets and the public.

Block Mould
Block Moulds Block Moulds are ideal for people to produce blocks at very low and affordable prices. Block Moulds are perfect for the rural areas to make housing affordable. These moulds are very simply to use for a quick made block with two spacers in-between the blocks to save on materials. Two people should be able to make around 200 a day.

Block Mould comes in three sizes:

•     M100 4' inch - 400 length x 190 height x 100 width
•     M150 6' inch - 400 length x 190 height x 150 width
•     M200 8' inch - 400 length x 190 height x 200 width

Dugga Mould  
Dugga Moulds Dugga Moulds are solid without any cavity's and cement
or clay can be used with this mould.

Dugga Mould comes in one size:

•     M150 6' inch - 400 length x 190 height x 150 width

Design Plate  
Design Plate The Design Plate is inserted into the block mould so when the block is taken out there is a rocky affect created on the side of the mould to give the block a different design than just a standard block.

Housing Project Housing Project
assisting with climate change.
Block Mould Block Mould
perfect for affordable housing.
Block Machines Block Machines
start your block yard business.
Hose Reels Hose Reels
strong, robust, hose pipe reels.
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